Lectures of Physics and Chemistry of comets/ Taras Shevchenko National university, Physical Department

I propose topics for qualifying of Bachelor, Master, and PhD in the field of Physics of primitive bodies in the Solar System


2013-2014 Student, Shubina O. Bachelor's qualifying work "Observation and analysing of the polarization and spectral data of distant comet C/2011 J2 (Catalina) obtained with 6-m telescope".

2014-2015 Student Shubina O. Magister's qualifying work "Investigation of the spectrum and imaging of Comet 103P/Hartley obtained at 6-m telescope".

2016-2018 PhD student Shubina O. The topic of PhD AS thesis is "Features of short- and long-period comets based polarimetric and spectral observations".

2018-2019 Student Voitko A. Magister's qualifying work "Dust productivity of comets from different dynamical groups in a wide range of heliocentric distances".

2021-2022 Student, Kulish K. Bachelor's qualifying work "Investigation of dust component of hyperbolic comet C/2015 VL62".

2022-2024 Student, Kulish K. wrote Magister's qualifying work "Quasi-simultaneous photometric, polarimetric, and spectral observations of Jupiter-family comet 108P/Ciffreo".