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Contact data

    Affiliation 1

  • Address: Astronomical Institute SAS, SK-059 60 Tatransk√° Lomnica
  • Department: Department of Interplanetary Matter
  • Tel.: +421 52 7879126, fax: +421 52 4467656
  • Email: oivanova_at_ta3.sk
    Affiliation 2

  • Address: Main Astronomical observatory of NAS of Ukraine, 27 Akademika Zabolotnoho St. 03143,Kyiv, Ukraine
  • Department: The Laboratory for Physics of Minor Solar System Bodies
  • Tel.: +380 44 5260869, fax: +380 44 5262147
  • Email: sandra_at_mao.kiev.ua

Scientific field of interest

    I am interested small bodies of the Solar System. My research focuses on physics of comets, centaurs and active asteroids. The goal of my scientific work is theoretical development of mechanisms of cometary activity at large heliocentric distances, processing and analysis of observational data.

  • CCD photometry, spectroscopy and polarimetry of comets
  • Solar System Formation
  • Physical Properties of Comets
  • Morphology and rotation of comets