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eduroam is an international project and a roaming service which is deployed worldwide to provide users in academia (research, higher education) with a free, easy and secure network access when visiting a participating institution.

eduroam is an Authentication and Authorization Infrastructure (AAI) with a strong security in mind. It is built on radius servers and protocol 802.1x.

The rules of use: federation policy.

Information about participating Slovak institutions:

Users are authenticated using the same credentials as when they access the network locally.

Only authorized users can use the service. This permission must be granted by Astronomical Institute for its employees.

The coverage at Astronomical Institute: main building, observing pavilions G1, G2, high-altitude observatories SP, LŠ.

WiFi settings:

To make the configuration easier you can use the eduroam "Configuration Assistant Tool" and download the wifi-profile installer. (Choose "Astronomical Institute, Slovak Academy of Sciences".)

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Last update: February 18, 2020