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 AD 2021, September 10
 M. Hajdukova
and  R. Rudawska

Working Group on Meteor Shower Nomenclature (2018-2021)

The commission has established a Working Group on Meteor Shower Nomenclature with the objective to formulate a descriptive list of established meteor showers that can receive official names during the next IAU General Assembly. This task aims to uniquely identify all existing meteor showers and establish unique names: as an example of the value of such a definitive catalogue would be to facilitate the establishment of associations between meteor showers and parent bodies among the many Near-Earth Objects that are being discovered.

Members of the group:

Peter Jenniskens, USA (chair:

Diego Janches, USA (president Commission F1:

Tadeusz J. Jopek, Poland (lead MDC shower database:

Maria Hajdukova, Slovakia (

Gulchekhra I. Kokhirova, Tajikistan (

Masahiro Koseki, Japan (group associate, IMO representative:

Althea Moorhead, USA (

Regina Rudawska, Poland, (group associate,

Josep M. Trigo-Rodriguez, Catalonia, Spain (

Robert Weryk, Canada (

Quanzhi Ye, China (

The Task Group on Meteor Shower Nomenclature was established at the IAU General Assembly in Prague on August 24, 2006. During the IAU General Assembly in Rio de Janeiro, Brasil, in August of 2009, the Task Group has been transformed into the Working Group on Meteor Shower Nomenclature. The current members were elected during the IAU General Assembly Honolulu, Hawaii, United States in August of 2015. The effective period of the Committee is three years, until the next General Assembly in 2018 in Vienna, Austria.