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 AD 2019, June 25
 R. Rudawska
 T.J. Jopek

List of removed meteor showers                      Sorting by:               

No Code Name No Code Name No Code Name No Code Name
00024  PEG   mu Pegasids 00126  SGE   March delta Geminids 00454  MPV   May phi Virginids 00487  NRC   November rho Cygnids
00029  DLE   delta Leonid Complex 00131  DAL   delta Aquilids 00455  MAC   May alpha Comae Berenicids 00489  ZLE   zeta Leonids
00032  DLM   December Leonis Minorids 00207  SCS   September beta Cassiopeiids 00457  MDL   May delta Leonids 00492  DTH   December theta Hydrids
00034  DSE   delta Serpentids 00217  OPC   omega Piscids 00461  JGS   July delta Sagittariids 00495  DMT   December mu Taurids
00046  BCR   beta Craterids 00231  ACM   Daytime alpha Canis Majorids 00462  JGP   July gamma Pegasids 00496  DED   December epsilon Eridanids
00055  ASC   alpha Scorpiids 00248  IAR   November iota Aurigids 00469  AUS   August upsilon Sagittariids 00499  DDL   December delta Leonids
00092  UER   upsilon Eridanids 00342  BPI   August Beta Piscids 00482  NGP   November gamma Pegasids 00508  TPI   theta Piscids
00104  GBO   gamma Bootids 00452  TVI   theta Virginids 00484  IOA   iota Arietids 00521  JRP   ?June rho Cygnids
00125  SAL   Southern alpha Leonids 00453  MML   May mu Leonids 00485  NZT   November zeta Taurids
Total: 35 removed showers.