CAOSP abstracts, Volume: 52, No.: 3, year: 2022

Abstract: A complete set of cross sections for helium ions in a mixture of helium and carbon tetrafluoride is recommended. The transport properties for He+ions in He/CF4 mixtures required to model the discharge containing the mentioned ions were calculated by the Monte Carlo method at a temperature of T = 300 K. In this paper we give the drift velocity, characteristic energy, reduced mobility and specially rate coefficients for low and moderately reduced electric fields E /N (E-electric field, N-gas density) and accounting for non-conservative collisions. This paper is dedicated to the presentation of the set for He+ions scattering cross-sections in CF4 which is estimated using available experimental data for exothermic charge transfer cross-sections producing CF3+ and CF2+ions and endothermic charge transfer cross-section producing CF+, C+ and F+ions. The aim of this paper is to determine how the addition of a percentage for He in He/CF4 mixtures affects the separation of bulk and flux transport parameters for He+ions.

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