CAOSP abstracts, Volume: 24, year: 1994

Abstract: The idea that comets of the Oort (and also Hills) cloud were already formed in the interstellar molecular cloud, which was the parent cloud of protosolar nebula, is suggested. The dynamics of comets in the free-falling collapse of this nebula is described on the basis of a simplified model. It appears that, if a homogeneous gas nebula collapses in this way, its border falls to the centre freely, whereby the nebula always remains homogeneous, no matter escapes outward, and the motion of a chosen cometary nucleus, located into the nebula, can be described analytically (the decelerating effect of the nebular material is assumed to be insignificant). This description is given. Based on the idea suggested and the above-mentioned simplified model of collapse, which allows only qualitative conclusions to be drawn, one can claim that the resultant conception of the cometary population as a whole does not differ from that regarded as real.

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