Dear Sirs,

Here is the features of our ccd program: - REAL TIME ZOOMING(in mode 320X200) -Main panel in resolution 640X480 on Vesa compability Card . Artist design of main screen. -Non-click scrooling. -Using ALL memory (via EMS).For quick operation and large format ccd. -Measuring magnitudes of stars. -WALKING cross taked image in 3D(x=x img.,y=y img.,z=pixel's value). Usefull for controling brightnes of stars and for discern close objects IN REAL TIME(mode 320X200). -Making color pictures(from rgb images). -Images format: Self compressed ; FITS(astronomical format); BMP. -adding more exposures to 1 image. -Comparing two images(or automatic from more pictures) for finding new objects. -Tradicional functions for adjusting ccd images. -MAKING movies from more images(for example movement of terminator on the Moon's craters). -Sky chart (founded on GSC catalog).(if we will negotiate licence for publi- cation) source code is in assembler & pascal . Gamma version will be available at march 1996. David Farinic