CAOSP abstracts, Volume: 52, No.: 3, year: 2022

Abstract: The atomic and transition parameters of carbon-like ions are significant for many important astrophysical researches, such as the modeling of stellar atmospheres, the determination of stellar abundance, the analysis of spectral lines for laboratory plasmas or astronomical objects. In this contribution, we calculated the energy levels and lifetimes of the carbon-like vanadium ion (V XVIII) using the atomic structure codes AUTOSTRUCTURE and GRASP2018. Weighted oscillator strengths and transition probabilities are also calculated for the allowed transitions between the energy levels considered. The calculations were carried out for the first 17 configurations: 2s22p2, 2p4, 2s22p3p, 2s2p23s, 2s2p23d, 2p33p, 2s22p4p, 2s23d2, 2s2p3, 2s22p3s, 2s22p3d, 2s2p23p, 2p33s, 2p33d, 2s22p4s, 2s22p4d and 2s2p3d2.

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Last update: November 16, 2022