CAOSP abstracts, Volume: 49, No.: 3, year: 2019

Abstract: In the framework of the Observational Astrophysics: from proposals to publication program (which is an OPTICON and ERASMUS+ school), we report the spectral characterization of two near-Earth asteroids, namely (381906) 2010 CL19 and (453778) 2011 JK. The data were obtained with the 2.56 m Nordic Optical Telescope equipped with ALFOSC instrument. The spectral data reduction and the methods for analyzing the results are shown in detail. We found that (381906) 2010 CL19 is a K-type asteroid, and (453778) 2011 JK is an Sq type asteroid. The comparison with laboratory spectra of meteorites revealed spectral similarities with ordinary chondrites for both objects. Considering the average albedo corresponding to the assigned types, we estimated the size of (381906) 2010 CL19 to be in the order of 1 km, and the size of (453778) 2011 JK to be about 550 m.

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