CAOSP abstracts, Volume: 49, No.: 2, year: 2019

Abstract: Small telescopes equiped with modern instrumentation are gaining on importance, especially, in the era of exoplanetary space missions such as TESS, PLATO and ARIEL. A crucial part of every planet hunting mission is now a ground-based follow-up of detectd planetary candidates. Mid-sized telescopes with apertures of 2 to 4-m with an existing instrumentation become more and more valued due to increasing need for observing time. In this paper, a brief overview on the follow-up process for exoplanetary space missions will be given. Requirements for the ground-based follow-up instrumentation will be discussed. Some of existing 2-m class telescope facilities and their capability and potential for the follow-up process of exoplanetary candidates will be presented. A special focus will be put on existing 2-m class telescopes in central Europe.

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