CAOSP abstracts, Volume: 49, No.: 2, year: 2019

Abstract: Long-term spectroscopic monitoring of 22 T Tauri stars located in the Taurus-Auriga star-forming region (SFR) is presented. The medium and high-dispersion spectra were obtained at the Stará Lesná (SLO), Skalnaté Pleso (SPO) and Tautenburg observatory (TLS) during 2015—2018. The broadening function technique was used to determine the radial and projected rotational velocities of the stars and to study multiplicity of objects. The analysis was also focused on the determination of atmospheric parameters such as log g, Teff and [Fe/H]. The nature of the objects was assessed by measuring the equivalent with of the Hα and Li I 6708 lines. Their membership was checked using the Gaia DR2 parallaxes and estimated model distances.

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