CAOSP abstracts, Volume: 49, No.: 2, year: 2019

Abstract: The INF (INASAN Near Earth Objects Finder) project is a dedicated network of robotic telescopes to detect 10 m asteroids coming to the near Earth Space. The main features of the project are a short cadence time (1 h) of all-sky survey, a moderate limiting magnitude (19m) without filters and a possibility of carrying out the additional scientific program. The INF multiaperture telescope consists of 8 VT-78d telescopes on a fast mount. The VT-78d telescope provides a unique combination of parameters: the aperture (250 mm), the fast focal ratio f/1.58, the field of view (10 deg diameter, 78.5 deg2) and the D80 image quality (5 arcsec). The INF total field of view is 574 deg2 (298 Mpixels) with a 5.2 arcsec pixel-1 scale. According to our estimates the INF will discover about 7330 NEOs of 10 m size in 5 years in the case of everyday operation (8 hour per night).

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