CAOSP abstracts, Volume: 49, No.: 2, year: 2019

Abstract: AG Dra is a strongly interacting binary system which manifests characteristic symbiotic activity of alternating quiescent and active stages. The latter ones consist of the series of individual outbursts repeating at about one-year interval. The current activity of AG Dra was initiated by a minor outburst in May 2015. The new stage of activity of this symbiotic system was confirmed by the following three outbursts in April 2016, May 2017 and in April 2018. The photometric and spectroscopic observations suggest that all these outbursts are of the hot type. Such behaviour is considered to be unusual in almost 130-year observation history of this object, because the major outbursts at the beginning of active stages are typically cool. In the present work, the current activity of the symbiotic binary AG Dra is described in detail.

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