CAOSP abstracts, Volume: 48, No.: 4, year: 2018

Abstract: In this paper we give further, both graphical and tabular, information about our study of the meteor complex of the long-period comet C/1964 N1 (Ikeya). We found that the modeled stream of the comet approaches the Earth's orbit typically in four filaments that correspond to four showers. Their radiant areas are close to the apex of the Earth's motion around the Sun. We confirmed the generic relationship between the studied parent comet and July ξ-Arietids, #533. The comet is probably also the parent of ϵ-Geminids, #23. We suspect that there could be a relationship between the comet and ξ-Geminids, #718, though this relationship is rather uncertain. There are real counterparts of three of the predicted showers in the CAMS and SonotaCo databases.

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