CAOSP abstracts, Volume: 48, No.: 1, year: 2018

Abstract: We present results of the optical linear polarimetric survey of 101 white dwarfs (WDs) performed in R band with the RoboPol polarimeter. Our study shows that highly linear polarized white dwarfs are very rare. Moreover, we found that the median polarization degree of isolated DA WDs and DB WDs are similar, but lower than the median polarization of isolated DC WDs. The DB WDs in binaries seem to be more polarized than binaries containing DA+dM or double degenerated systems (DDSs) with DA component. We also present the measurements of the optical linear polarization of both components in two common proper motion binary systems (CPMBs): WD1336+123 and the Sirius-like system (SLS) WD2129+000. Because the vast majority of WDs have very low polarization degree on the level of less than 0.5%, they can be used as faint linear polarization standards.

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