CAOSP abstracts, Volume: 43, No.: 3, year: 2014

Abstract: We present the results of CCD-photometry data processing of some stars with transiting extrasolar planets. Observations were carried out using such small telescopes: a 38-cm Cassegrain telescope K-380 (CrAO, Ukraine), a 60-cm Zeiss-600 (Terskol, Russia), a Celestron-14″ (Lesniki & MAO NASU, Ukraine). The main physical and orbital parameters for specified exoplanetary systems were calculated by the Monte-Carlo method. Using obtained best-fit parameters the light curve modeling was simulated. Calculations and light curve simulation were realized using an IDL programming environment. A light curve analysis includes simulation of a transit curve shape using the analytic theory of the light curve and experimentally obtained data. A comparison of the results obtained in each of the above mentioned telescopes is presented.

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