CAOSP abstracts, Volume: 43, No.: 3, year: 2014

Abstract: We present three generations (Mark.I, II and III) of spectrographs we put into operation with ANS Collaboration 0.61m, 0.70m and 0.84m telescopes. These spectrographs are of the Multi-Mode type, allowing for rapid interchange between Echelle high dispersion and two separate single dispersion modes (low and medium resolution). All three modes are long-slit, rotate to any angle (including parallactic compensation for atmospheric dispersion), allow to select among different comparison lamps, and are auto-guided by TV imaging the slit, which is continuously adjustable in width and by a step decker in height. The latest Mark.III model adds many new features including remote operation, spatial splitting of order overlap in single dispersion modes, interchange between prism and grating cross-dispersion in the Echelle mode, spectropolarimetry, a coronagraphic mode and direct filtered imaging without removing the spectrograph from the Cassegrain focus.

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