CAOSP abstracts, Volume: 38, No.: 2, year: 2008

Abstract: WW Aurigae is doubled-lined eclipsing binary system. Both components show Am characteristics. Recently, Southworth et al. (2005) measured the properties of WW Aur with accuracies of 0.4% in mass and 0.6% in radius, making these among the most accurately known for any stars except the Sun. These properties are matched by theoretical evolutionary models only for a high (2.5 times solar) metal abundance. In a continuation of that study, we have reanalysed the time-series of 57 double-lined spectra (from the INT at La Palma) using spectral disentangling to obtain high-quality separated spectra of the two stars. Our goal is to further improve the determination of the effective temperatures and to study the peculiar chemical abundances of the two stars.

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