CAOSP abstracts, Volume: 38, No.: 2, year: 2008

Abstract: Results from spectral analyses of some HgMn stars observed with UVES at high resolution and high S/N are available on-line in the form of plots showing superimposed observed and LTE-computed spectra. The material is available on line at The ranges studied are divided into 6 Å wide intervals. The plots have identifications, excitation potential of the lower level, and predicted line intensities written above the lines. Complete analyses covering the 3050 - 9500 Å region have been performed for two stars, HD 175640 and HR 6000. The on-line plots show the quality of the agreement between observations and computations and can be used as a template for other stars of the same spectral type. For instance, HD 175640 and HR 6000 are excellent examples of a very overabundant Mn ([+2.4]) star and of a very overabundant Fe ([+0.7]) star, respectively.

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