CAOSP abstracts, Volume: 38, No.: 2, year: 2008

Abstract: Some individual Mercury-Manganese (HgMn) stars have known high abundances of Sr and Y, but other studies have found normal or undetectable abundances. We have surveyed these elements in a sample of 23 stars. In most cases the Sr lines do not suffer greatly from blending, and the resonance line Sr II 4077 and 4215 of multiplet (1) dominate. Yttrium has many lines visible if it is at high abundance, and we select a subset of these which are the least blended. We find that Sr ranges from ≈3 dex above solar abundance to abundances of ≈1 dex below solar, while Y attains overabundances of up to 4 dex, but is very difficult to detect in the hotter sample stars even if moderately overabundant.

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