CAOSP abstracts, Volume: 37, No.: 2, year: 2007

Abstract: The theoretical construction of a model of the range distribution of radar meteors is presented. It provides us with possibility of the computation of five important parameters connected with the structure of meteor showers as well as physical features of meteoroids related to them. These are: the mass distribution index, s, the shower flux density, Θm0, the ionization coefficient, β, the Levin's parameter (self-similarity parameter), µ, the product of the shape-density coefficient, K, and the ablation parameter, σ. We present details of the numerical model in the article which proved to be a good explanation for the real observed process. The model (RaDiM) is based on the overdense echoes of shower meteors. It makes use of the long-term series of data that have been collected by the Ondřejov meteor radar during almost five decades. Its application and relevant results will be described in subsequent articles.

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