CAOSP abstracts, Volume: 37, No.: 2, year: 2007

Abstract: Comparisons of the Fe XIV 530.3 nm coronal emission line brightness with the summary area of sunspots and the magnetic field strength (extrapolated from the photospheric measurements to the 1.1 R distance in the corona), are discussed. Different correlations of the coronal green line brightness (CGLB) with the large-scale coronal magnetic fields and the local fields of sunspots are found during different solar cycle phases. At the ascending phase of activity the large-scale coronal magnetic fields dominate, whereas at the descending phase a somewhat higher correlation of the CGLB with the local magnetic fields of sunspots is observed. It is shown that within the ±40° solar low-latitude zone a portion of the CGLB originating due to the large scale magnetic field amounts to 25-30% in the period of solar cycle maximum but it goes up to 85% at the cycle minimum. Impact of the local sunspot fields on the CGLB level is remarkably lesser, it provides only 8-10% of the CGLB during cycle maximum and increases to about 18% at its minimum. Results of this paper could be helpful when testifying various models of the solar corona heating.

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