CAOSP abstracts, Volume: 37, No.: 2, year: 2007

Abstract: The theoretical radar meteors Range Distribution Model of overdense echoes that was developed by Pecinová and Pecina (2007) is applied here to observed range distributions of meteors belonging to the Quadrantid, Perseid, Leonid, Geminid, γ Draconid (Giacobinid), ζ Perseid and β Taurid streams to study the variability of the flux density, Θm0, and the mass distribution index, s, i.e., the parameters inherent to the inner structure of meteor streams. With the exception of the Perseids 1988-1993 no systematic variability of Θm0 was found in any of the above-named showers. The values of s were found to be higher than those of other authors working with radar data and using Kaiser's formula for its determination. The possible cause is also discussed in this work. The weighted means of both parameters valid for each stream were evaluated. They can be considered as representative of each shower.

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