CAOSP abstracts, Volume: 35, No.: 1, year: 2005

Abstract: We report on a search for activity-induced variability in the SB2 systems AR Lac, KT Peg and KZ And as well as in the SB1 systems II Peg and EI Eri in the September 1997 season. The study of Hα line profiles, Na I 5889 Å doublet, Ca II IRT lines and TiO 7055 Å absorption band is presented. The spot properties were estimated for the systems AR Lac and II Peg. The former possesses spots at intermediate stellar latitudes on the primary component while the latter shows these surface inhomogeneities at low latitudes. In both cases, the spots cooler than the surrounding photosphere were revealed. Significant variability in the hydrogen Hα line profile was observed on II Peg and EI Eri, and the evidence of a rotational modulation was found in KT Peg and II Peg.

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