CAOSP abstracts, Volume: 29, No.: 1, year: 1999

Abstract: The accessible optical data for the Martian atmosphere are theoretically analyzed. Fast evaluation of radiative transfer in the atmosphere is based on Eddington's approximation, a two-stream method. The results show a feasible profile of radiative fluxes in the Martian environment and confirm the possibility of identification of large submicron particles using this approach. To get more precise results, the MRSM (multiple radiation scattering model) was used. The improvement of accelerated MRSM is included. The scattering problem formulated in terms of upward and downward radiance structure is applied to get information about the particle size distribution. Expressions for spectral radiances are simplified to the form of Fredholm integral equations of the first kind, which are solvable by special methods. The analysis of the observed spectral dependence of particle optical thickness in the visible spectrum brings a wide particle size distribution with a modal radius larger than 0.2 micrometers.

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