CAOSP abstracts, Volume: 28, No.: 1, year: 1998

Abstract: Leonid meteor shower activity observed in 1995-1996 by a forward scatter radio system along two baselines is analysed and discussed. The overdense echo maxima of echo duration larger or equal 8 s exhibit multiple peaks consistent with similar backscatter radio and visual data, with three peaks at the solar longitude 235.36 deg., 235.49 deg. and 235.57 deg. in 1995 and two peaks at 235.07 deg., 235.27 deg. (2000.0) in 1996. The mass distribution exponent s derived for both Leonid returns shows a higher representation of larger particles in the 1996 return (s=1.56) with respect to the 1995 return (s=1.69).

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