CAOSP abstracts, Volume: 27, No.: 3, year: 1998

Abstract: kappa Psc (HD 220825) is a typical Chromium Ap star that happens to have optimal parameters for Doppler imaging (DI). Its short rotational period of less than 2 days, rotational velocity of approx. 40 km/s, and a moderate inclination of the rotational axis put modest requirements on spectroscopic observations. Anomalies of iron peak elements are clearly present, but small enough to cause significant deviations from model atmospheres with scaled solar abundances. We applied DI to kappa Psc once before, determining the distribution of Cr. However, due to strong blending of Fe, the image was based on two short (approx. 2 A) spectral intervals, dominated by Cr lines. Since the first paper we obtained additional spectra and developed a new code that allows to perform multi-element DI and thus to use larger spectral interval(s). We demonstrate the abilities of the new code and present new maps of Cr and Fe. A much larger time base allowed us to improve the rotational period of kappa Psc as well.

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