CAOSP abstracts, Volume: 27, No.: 3, year: 1998

Abstract: Seven high-resolution and high S/N CCD spectra were used to derive elemental abundances in the atmosphere of VW Ari A (T(eff)=7200, log g=3.7) which is the primary component of a visual binary system. The synthetic spectrum technique applied in the analysis allowed to reveal the following feature: the atmosphere of this star is strongly deficient in some metals, while light elements have solar-like abundances. Taking into account these results, one can suggest that VW Ari A is a lambda Boo type star. Another argument supporting this supposition is the following: on the diagrams "(b-y)-c(1)", "(b-y)-m(1)" and "(b-y)-beta" VW Ari A falls exactly in the region occupied by the lambda Boo stars. Note also, that a previous analysis has shown that the secondary component of VW Ari has a normal metallicity. Differences in chemical compositions of the two components appear to be due to the specific evolution of the primary VW Ari A.

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