CAOSP abstracts, Volume: 27, No.: 3, year: 1998

Abstract: A number of about 1500 spectroscopically classified CP2 stars in the southern sky (delta = -90 deg to -12 deg) was extracted from the Michigan Catalogue (Vols. I - IV). This sample was compared with the classification from Bidelman & Mc Connell. We confirmed the spectral classification with the known photometric peculiarity indices in the Geneva system and in the 3-filter Delta a system. 10 % of these stars show discordance between their respective types from the Michigan and Bidelman catalogues. Several objects were measured with a CCD in the Delta a system in spring 1995. Eight stars are peculiar in Delta a. Furthermore, we have investigated the galactic distribution of all programme stars. We conclude that the distribution resembles the one of early-type stars, where the hotter (= Silicon) stars are more concentrated towards the galactic plane than the cooler (= Strontium) objects.

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