CAOSP abstracts, Volume: 27, No.: 3, year: 1998

Abstract: We describe a new method for the computation of opacity distribution functions (ODFs) useful to calculate one-dimensional model atmospheres in local thermal equilibrium (LTE). The new method is fast enough to be applied on current workstations and allows the computation of model atmospheres which deviate significantly from (scaled) solar chemical composition. It has reproduced existing ODFs and model atmospheres for solar abundances. Depending on the type of chemical peculiarity the "individual" model atmosphere may have a structure and surface fluxes similar to atmospheres based on (scaled) solar abundances or deviate in a way that cannot be reproduced by any of the conventional models. Examples are given to illustrate this behavior. The availability of models with "individualized" abundances is crucial for abundance analyses and Doppler imaging of extreme CP stars.

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