CAOSP abstracts, Volume: 27, No.: 1, year: 1997

Abstract: Cosmic dust dynamics depends not only on many nongravitational effects, but also on the physical and optical properties of particles. In this connection important optical factors such as the complex refractive index m and the efficiency factor for radiation pressure Q_pr, strongly depend on the shape of particle. The paper presents precise calculations of the Q_pr factor and applying the Discrete Dipole Approximation method to six particles of different shapes (sphere, cylinder, ellipsoid, hexagonal prism, rectangular target, tetrahedron). The high variability of the Q_pr and scattering phase functions values for some specially shaped particle models, presented in both tabulated and graphical forms, confirms the strong dependence of the dynamical-optical factors on the shape parameter. This dependence is more significant for particles of irregular shape, especially for cylinders in our particle sample.

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