CAOSP abstracts, Volume: 27, No.: 1, year: 1997

Abstract: Photographic spectra of AR Aur, the spectroscopic double-lined (SB2) binary with chemically peculiar components, were disentangled using the KOREL code and abundances of chosen chemical elements were determined by means of spectrum synthesis. In the A - component, for T_eff = 10 950 K and log g = 4.33, Mn, Zr, Ba, Pt and Hg were found overabundant by factors of 12, 21, 13, 1350 and 2.2 exp 6, respectively. In the B - component, for T_eff = 10 350 K and log g = 4.20, Mn, Ba and Pt were found overabundant by factors of 5, 170 and 300, respectively. The overabundances derived differ from the previous ones, except for Mn in the B - component.

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