CAOSP abstracts, Volume: 26, No.: 2, year: 1996

Abstract: We present new observations of 10 symbiotic and symbiotic-like stars. The photoelectric UBV(R) observations cover the period 1994.75 to 1996.0. The CCD VRI, photographic and visual data cover also earlier times. The main results can be summarized as follows: CQ Dra: The expected sudden brightening in the U colour has been observed around JD 2,449,700. After then, the star's brightness has declined smoothly in all three colours. YY Her: The steady decline of the star's brightness in the V and R colours has been observed. V443 Her: Variability with an amplitude of about 0.4 mag in the V colour has been detected, while nothing similar has been found in the R and I. AX Per: Our present data cover in part the primary mimimum of the star. During the autumn of 1995, a small increase in all three colours has been observed. PU Vul: A brightness minimum at JD 2,449,953, best pronounced in the V colour, has been observed.

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