CAOSP abstracts, Volume: 26, No.: 1, year: 1996

Abstract: A brief description of the scientific goals and preliminary results related to the 24 October 1995 solar eclipse at Neem Ka Thana is given. The white-light corona was of the minimum type with several large helmet streamers seen up to 5-6 solar radii, and located around the solar equator above the E- and W-limbs. Coronal holes and plumes were located around the solar poles. No CME or comets were observed. The flattening index epsilon turned out to be 0.28. The green corona, observed at the Lomnicky Stit coronal station, was relatively low, except above the W-limb, where increased intensities were observed around P. A. 250 deg. The total brightness of the solar corona could have reached J(K) = 0.63 x 10 exp(-6) x J(Sun).

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