CAOSP abstracts, Volume: 25, year: 1995

Abstract: We present new observations of 19 symbiotic and symbiotic-like stars. Photoelectric UBV(R) observations cover the 1993.75 to 1994.75 period. The main results can be summarized as follows: Z And: the visual light curve (LC) indicates a quiet stage of the star. EG And: The primary minimum at JD 2 449 230 was observed. V 1413 Aql: The recent outburst has probably finished. UV Aur: Historical photographic LC from 1895 December to 1963 March is presented. It suggests changes in the periodicity of the brightness variation being approximately between 395 and 360 days. TX CVn: A slow gradual decrease in the star's brightness is observed. Historical photographic LC from 1906 May to 1992 March is presented. It indicates an increase in the activity approximately at JD 2 434 000. T CrB: Observations indicate a decrease of brightness mainly in U. BF Cyg: The star has returned to quiescence. Historical photographic LC from 1896 October to 1992 September is presented. CH Cyg: A gradual increase of the blue continuum during the current outburst is observed. CI Cyg: The primary minima and a complex behavior around the orbital phase 0.5 are seen in the recent visual LC. V1016 Cyg: No significant changes in the UBV continuum are observed. AG Dra: The bright outburst which began in 1994 June was discovered. CQ Dra:It was achieved the complete coverage of the orbital cycle within CQ Dra A+B during this observing season. YY Her: The minimum, probably corresponding to the eclipse of the hot by the cool component in the binary, is observed in the visual LC at JD 2 449 511. V443 Her: Visual LC shows the periodic wave-like variation along the orbital cycle (delta m approx. 0.3) modulated with a variability of the red giant. SS Lep: Two minima separated by approx. 830 days are seen in the visual LC. AX Per: A major part of the broad primary minimum is observed. PU Vul: The eclipse of the hot by the cool component was indicated best in B and V.

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