CAOSP abstracts, Volume: 23, year: 1993

Abstract: We present new observations of 26 symbiotic and symbiotic-like stars. The photoelectric UBV observations were made during the years 1982-92, the photographic in 1989-92 and visual in 1989-92. The most interesting results can be summarized as follows: EG And: There is an apparent increase in all three colours corresponding to the ascending branch of the secondary minimum. UV Aur: The long-term photoelectric photometry supports our earlier identification of the red giant component as the primary cause of light variations. BF Cyg: UBV data cover well the last active phase of the star with maximum around 1990 July. CH Cyg: The photoelectric data cover the sudden light brightening starting in Feb-Mar 1992 and decline in Sep 1992. CI Cyg: Long-term UBV observations are presented. AG Dra: UBV photometry cover almost all the interval since the last outburst. CQ Dra: The star's brightness has been decreasing monotonically during the present observational period. AX Per: Our UBV data reveal an outburst (maximum around Nov 1989) with a total of five minima occurring during the observational interval.

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