CAOSP abstracts, Volume: 22, year: 1992

Abstract: Results of an extended program of optical monitoring and simultaneous and quasi-simultaneous optical observations of TT Ari, begun in 1985 in order to support the EXOSAT X-ray observations of this object in its active state are presented. The object was observed on August 21/22, 1985 both in X-ray and optical wavelengths. Optical photometric and some spectroscopic data were obtained at more than 10 observatories. The measurements were taken up immediately after the return of TT Ari to its active (high) state (m ~ 10.75) after having been more than 5.5 years in the very low state (m ~ 13-16). The transition from low to present high state occured in ~100 days with a mean brightening rate of 0.04 mag/day. The long-time optical light curves as well as detailed orbital curves obtained and at around times of X-ray measurements and data on the stability of the photometric period are presented and discussed.

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