CAOSP abstracts, Volume: 22, year: 1992

Abstract: The 1982 Lyrid enhanced activity burst was an exceptional event, with the dense cloud of meteoroids lagging of about 120 years the parent comet Thatcher (1861 I) .An explanation of its origin is therefore intrigue. Here we present a simplified approach to the solution of this problem. The most probable size of the cloud of meteoroids was estimated by two different ways, leading to a radius of about 90 000 km. The cloud is supposed to origin in a secondary source that separated from the comet of about 71 revolutions ago (30 000 years). Derived ejection velocities of the Lyrid cloud particles from the secondary source are very low ones from 1.7 to 3.9 m/s. These values enable to suppose that disintegration of the chunk into dense Lyrid cloud might occur within two years before the observed burst on the pre-perihelion arc immediately preceding the 1982 Lyrid strong shower.

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