The Proceedings for IAU Symposium 282 will be published by Cambridge University Press (CUP) in accordance with guidelines set by the IAU (click here). All registered participants will receive a copy of the Proceedings since the cost is included in the registration fee.

The IAU guidelines for manuscript submission state that the Proceedings will be published within six months after the Symposium. Since CUP needs three months to process the Proceedings, the symposium Editors have only three months to complete the editing task. This means that all authors should deliver their completed manuscripts to the conference organizers before or during the Symposium. Authors who wish to make revisions can submit a revised version of their manuscript anytime until August 21, 2011, four weeks after the end of the Symposium. Questions about the process should be sent to the Chief Editor.


The instructions and files (click here) needed to prepare the manuscript can be found at the IAU site.

Page limits

The following page limits apply for IAU Symposium No. 282. These include the discussion after each talk, except for the PP category.

  • Invited reviews – long (IR) = 8 pages
  • Invited reviews – short (IR) = 6 pages
  • Contributed oral paper (CP) = 4 pages
  • Poster paper or short oral contributions (PP) = 2 pages


All authors are required to complete an IAU Copyright Form to provide formal written Consent to Publish & Transfer of Copyright before publication of their work (click here to download the PDF form). The symposium organizers have included this form in the conference packet for each participant, and we ask that you complete and sign this form and return it to the organizers during the conference. Otherwise, the form can be completed online (click here) and no signature is required.

Input form

All manuscripts should be uploaded through the conference website after logging-in here. There is a list of your abstracts at the bottom of the page, each item with the possibility to upload your proceedings contribution.

Special notes

Please check that you have provided the organizers with your complete mailing address since this information will be used for delivery of the Proceedings. Please, use the on-line form to check and/or change/refill your complete mailing address (fields: First name, Surname Address line 1, Address line 2, Address line 3, ZIP code, Country).

Colour figures can be included in the LaTeX paper. However, only black and white versions will appear in the printed version unless the authors are willing to pay the cost of printing in colour (500 GBP per page). If colour figures are included, the authors should check that their figures will reproduce as desired in black-and-white, and there is no reference to colour in either text or captions.

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