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New Meteor Shower Reports

The discoverer of a new meteor shower or the observer of a new set of parameters (new solution) of a known meteor shower is asked to:

  • Submit the parameters of the new shower data using the Shower mean data template.
  • Submit an associated Look up table, separately for each reported meteor shower. A Look up table contains the parameters of each meteor on which the new identification is based.
  • Provide a manuscript describing the new meteor data. The final version of the manuscript has to be published latest in a year after the shower submission to the MDC. Otherwise, the submitted shower data will be moved to the List of Removed Showers.

The goal of subsequent research is to establish the validity of the proposed shower. Evidence that helps establish a shower in the Working List (or eliminate one from the list) should be published in the literature, and a copy of the paper should be provided to the MDC. Upon review of the evidence in the Working Group, the MDC will move that stream from the Working List to the List of Established Showers. In that case, the discoverer is invited to propose a name for their stream. All proposed names are judged by the Working Group on Meteor Shower Nomenclature of the IAU. Each new shower in the List of Established Showers will receive its official name, and official recognition as being established, upon recommendation by the Commission F1 at the following IAU General Assembly.

We accept all new showers about to be published in scientific journals, as well as journals dedicated to amateur meteor astronomers: WGN, the Journal of the IMO, and eMeteorNews. Please send a copy of the paper to the MDC before submitting the final version to the journal. The new name and number are to be used in that publication in which the discovery is announced and in all subsequent discussions.

In collaboration with the IAU Minor Planet Center, a CBET telegram will be issued periodically to indicate when new showers are added to the working list.

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