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 AD 2021, September 10
 M. Hajdukova
and  R. Rudawska

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No Code Name No Code Name No Code Name No Code Name
00014  XOR   chi Orionid Complex 00105  OCN   Centaurid I Complex 00290  ALL   alpha Leonid Complex 00296  SIS   sigma Sagittariid Complex
00030  PSC   Piscid Complex 00160  OSC   omega Scorpiid Complex 00291  GVR   gamma Virginid Complex 00297  DAQ   delta Aquariid Complex
00050  VIR   March Virginid Complex 00163  SAG   Scorpiid-Sagittariid Complex 00292  OPH   May Ophiuchid Complex 00298  IAQ   iota Aquariid Complex
00093  VEL   Puppid-Velid II Complex 00247  TAU   Taurid Complex 00293  DCE   Daytime omega Cetid Complex 00299  OAR   October Arietid Complex
00095  DCA   delta Cancrid Complex 00255  PUV   Puppid-Velid I Complex 00294  DMA   Daytime May Arietid Complex 00332  BCB   Bootid-Coronae Borealid Complex
00103  TCE   Centaurid II Complex 00259  CAR   Carinid Complex 00295  JAQ   June Aquilid Complex 00761  PPC   Puppid-Pyxidid Complex
Total: 24 groups, 4 established, 0 nominated to be established,