International projects

The study of interplanetary matter in the Earth’s vicinity/Štúdium medziplanetárnej hmoty v blízkosti Zeme

Program: Medziakademická dohoda (MAD)

Project leader: Husárik Marek PhD.

Duration: 1.1.2015 - 31.12.2017

Abstract: The Earth is constantly bombarded by interplanetary matter objects. The main goal is the study of the solid part of the interplanetary matter with Earth's atmosphere interaction, primarily meteors, and also photometric study of the asteroids.
The meteors can provide us much refined and brand new knowledge of the parent bodies – comets and asteroids. The project is focused to the faint meteors observations in the Earth's atmosphere using double-station experiments with sensitive TV and videocameras. Bright meteors – fireballs – will be recorded by the European Fireball Network cameras installed on the each partner territory.
Asteroids and comets will be observed in the Slovakia by the telescopes at Skalnate Pleso Observatory with 0.61-m Newton and with new 1.3-m Cassegrain-Nasmyth, and in the Czech Republic by the 0.65-m telescope in Ondřejov. Asteroid shape models will be computed from the photometric data. It will also be analyzed any connection of meteor streams with asteroids as potential parent bodies.

National projects

Analysis of dynamic and physical characteristics of interplanetary bodies in the vicinity of the Earth's path/Analýza dynamických a fyzikálnych charakteristík medziplanetárnych telies v okolí zemskej dráhy

Program: VEGA

Project leader: doc. RNDr. Svoreň Ján DrSc.

Duration: 1.1.2014 - 31.12.2017