There is a possibility to present also a poster. It is up to students to bring a poster or not. Please inform organizers about your wish to present your poster, but do it until 25/10/2004. Poster will be placed in the main hall of the institute where coffee/tea will be served during breaks (first floor) and at the corridor very near the lecture hall (second floor).

  Surname, name   Title   Poster panel no.
  Bak-Steslicka, Urszula   Investigation of X-ray flares with long rising phases   1
  Bello Gonzalez, Nazaret   Observational Features of Sunspot Penumbrae from High Spatial Resolution Spectropolarimetry   2
  Besliu, Diana   Temporal evolution of the line of sight magnetic field of AR 486/488 during the period 29-31 October 2003   3
  Bostanci, Funda   Two Dimensional Speckle Spectroscopy in Solar Observations   4
  Cabrera Solana, Daniel   Title   X
  Centeno, Rebecca   Title   X
  Forgacs-Dajka, Emese   Title   X
  Gomory, Peter   Dynamics of the quiet upper solar atmosphere: propagating waves and oscillations in the network   5
  Gosain, Sanjay   Title   X
  Ishak, Bebe   Title   X
  Jarvinen, Silva   Active longitudes and cycles on ABDor and EK Dra   6
  Jesus Martinez, Maria   Title   X
  Jurcak, Jan   Inclination of magnetic field vector in sunspot structures   7
  Khlystova, Anna   Filament connection with supergranular structure   8
  Khomenko, Elena   Magnetic flux in the inter-network quiet Sun   9
  Kolomanski, Sylvester   Investigation of Long-Duration Arcade Flares   10
  Korhonen, Heidi   Surface differential rotation on FK Com   11
  Koza, Julius   Temporal evolution of physical parameters in the solar photosphere   12
  Laurenza, Monica   Title   X
  Leenarts, Jorrit   Observations and simulations of reversed solar granulation   13
  Lehtinen, Niina   Title   X
  Miklenic, Christiane   Magnetic Reconnection Rates in a Two-ribbon Flare   14
  Murakozy, Judit   Search for possible connections of sunspot features and torsional waves   21
  Orozco Suarez, David   Title   X
  Pariat, Etienne   Title   X
  Sailer, Markus   Simulation of the Adaptive Optics System KAOS at the VTT   15
  Schwartz, Pavol   Title   X
  Snik, Frans   A study for imaging polarimetry with the Dutch Open Telescope   16
  Stoiser, Sigrid   Nonthermal signatures in RHESSI microflares   17
  Sutterlin, Pit   Title   X
  Svanda, Michal   Velocity fields in the solar photosphere   18
  Temmer, Manuela   Periodical patterns in major flare occurrence and their relation to magnetically complex active regions   19
  Tomasz, Frantisek   Influence of the transition region blinker on chromosphere and corona   20
  Vitas, Nicola   Title   X

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