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Skalnate Pleso Observatory

IMAGE: Skalnate Pleso Observatory with Lomnicky Stit in the 

The Astronomical Observatory at Skalnate Pleso is located near the Skalnate Pleso ('Rocky Lake') at the altitude of 1 786 above sea level. It was established in 1943 when the first observations started to be performed. Originally it was equipped with 2 telescopes: 0,6m (f=3,29) reflector fy Zeiss and two smaller ~0.2m reflectors. Few binocular lenses Somet-binar 25x100 were available as well. In 1961, a 30 cm astrograph (Zeiss, Jena) was bought for the small dome at Skalnate Pleso, which was utilized for the observations of minor planets and comets to found their exact positions. The astrograph was replaced by a 61 cm reflector in 2001. This instrument is now equipped with the CCD camera used mostly for photometry of asteroids. In 1977 old 0,6m Zeiss refrector was replaced by a new telescope of the same diameterof the primary mirror. A photoelectric photometer is attached to the telescope. It is used for photometry of various types of the variable stars (symbiotic, cataclysmic, novae, chemically or magnetically peculiar stars).

In the building of the Skalnate Pleso Observatory there is the meteorological station belonging to the Geophysical Institute, (Bratislava, Slovakia).

Hereafter some pictures of the Skalnate Pleso Observatory and its instrumentation are given.

IMAGE: 1.3m Cassegrain-Nasmyth type: under reconstruction
1.3m Cassegrain-Nasmyth type:
under reconstruction
IMAGE: 0.61m Newton reflecting telescope
0.61m Newton reflecting telescope
IMAGE: Skalnate Pleso Observatory building
Skalnate Pleso Observatory building

Coordinates: Longitude: 20° 14' 01.75" East, Latitude: 49° 11' 21.77" North, Altitude: 1 786 meters above sea level

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